Nordic Traction Group is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of traction chains for forest machines and tractors. The factory for traction chains is located north of the city of Turku in Finland. NordChain is manufactured in a specially developed Nordic microalloyed boron steel in material diameters up to 19 mm. After extensive pre-treatment, the material is bent in large link machines into chain and goes on to link welding. The link joint is heated electrically and pressed together under high pressure.The technique is the same if the links are to have studs; the details are heated and pressed together. The result is an extremely strong weld. Based on unique drawings, the component parts are cut, assembled and welded together to the desired type and size of traction chain. Once the wear mat is complete, the chain is case hardened for several hours in a large oven at a temperature of 900 degrees. Carbon atoms are added to the steel during the process in the oven to make it extremely hard and very tough.