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Our History

has roots in Gunnebo since 1764

Although NordChain brand is new, at the same time it's also the oldest chain in Sweden, with its roots in Gunnebo, Småland. Our history starts in 1764 when Gunnebo Bruk started to manufacture nails for the shipyards in Västervik. Chain manufacture started in the 1850s. Forestry became an important purchaser of “Gunnebo-chains”, mainly for lashing for rafting and timber driving. At the end of the 1920s, Gunnebo Bruk started the development of snow chains for cars, buses and trucks, based on their production of chains. The 1930s saw a full range of “Gunnebo chains” on the market. That’s why we’ve chosen to incorporate the year 1930 in our logo to mark the birth of our traction chains. The advent of tractors within agriculture after the second world war made Gunnebo the main supplier of traction chains in Sweden. 

The forwarder was developed in the early 1960s to be used in the forests of Sweden. Gunnebo developed suitable traction chains in parallel. And this work is ongoing! As forestry machines change, our traction chains is developed to give optimum grip, protection and longevity. 

After changes in ownership, the manufacturing of chains is no longer part of Gunnebo Industries. The brand has therefore been changed to NordChain.