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Can I buy traction chains and bogie tracks directly from Nordic Traction?

We sell our products through resellers. You are welcome to contact us for guidance and information and then we will help you get in contact with one of our resellers.

I’m having problems getting my traction chains to reach around the tyre, are they too short?

When mounting traction chains, it is important to start by connecting the cross chain first. If you start by connecting the side chain it can be hard to get the cross chain to reach around.

I need to shorten my traction chains. How do I do that?

We have shortening instructions for our traction chains. Click here and then choose the correct model. You will see a drawing of the chain with two options for shortening. First shortening and second shortening. If you need any further help you are welcome to contact us!

Some of your chains have the letters TS is the end of the product name. What does that mean?

The chains that are called TS have a tension chain and side protection. The side protection is there to protect the shoulder of the chain from damage that can easily occur from stones or stumps.